Friday, April 20, 2012

EM820 Business Strategies for Social Media

A new quarter has started and I am in Colorado Springs for Symposium with Colorado Technical University.

Garden of the Gods
This quarter, my primary class is about the use of social media. During our class time, we watched Dr. Howard Rheingold's webinar that he presented at the New Media Consortium to promote his new book, NetSmart. So, it seemed opportune to snap a photo and send a tweet to let Howard know that our class was discussing his work. As expected, Howard responded within a couple of hours and let us know that his session is available in iTunesU.

Dr. Armstrong shares the NMC webinar. 
One of our class assignments is to create a brief, annotated bibliography on how our area of interest- in my case- education, uses social media to support effective practice. 

For a final project, it would be nice to show how social networks contribute to personal learning networks (PLNs). My challenge is to align what is learned in the social media course with my dissertation topic that is rapidly changing as well. 

Do you believe that as a professional you can adequately advocate the business use of social media without actually using social media yourself? I think not, but I respect those who choose freely not to use social media. Being authentic is most important in my view while trying to find voice to scholarly expression. If I were an artist or a musician, it would be joyful to share my interest. While I am sharing this post as part of my class, it is not required. I am genuinely interested in how social media can connect the best of our world.