Saturday, December 15, 2012

More Cross Cultural (Dancing) NASA Science Style

In case it has not been obvious enough, I have been making the case that dancing is a universal language art form (see previous posts that feature US Marines, Stormtroopers and crazy French guys). Don't get all serious on me just because I am taking the Coursera "Think Again, How to Reason and Argue" class offered by Duke University. Thanks Dr. Cooper for insisting I sign up to check out the format.

Actually it does not take much for me to post a fun dance video. This one is irresistible as it has my hero, Mike Massimino in it who made the first tweet from space. Someday I would like to shake the hand that jerked that door off the Hubble Telescope during his spacewalk I watched live.

Enjoy this delightful mash up of talented young artists with veteran space men and women.