Saturday, October 20, 2012

Symposium Renewal of Spirit and Mind

Fall is shining brightly among the shimmering golden Aspens in Colorado Springs. Summer challenged me  with personal circumstances that nearly derailed my academic progress. I missed the opportunity to attend a planning retreat in New Harmony, Indiana in early October that is connected to the Virtual Harmony open simulation project. One of the most exciting things about the project is a curriculum on sustainability. Connecting my studies on Transdisciplinarity to the concepts contained in the Handbook on Sustainability Literacy is central to integrating work, home, and school. The New Media Consortium's new global advisory group and publication on the outlook for STEM education should fit nicely into my studies. The NMC STEM wiki illustrates the evolution of thinking that should lead to new collaborations that cross domains.

My trip represents the fifth time I have come to Colorado Springs for the residency requirement for my program, Doctorate of Computer Science, Emerging Media. It is hard to describe the value of having such a gathering like a conference where so many students and faculty fly in to have a meeting of minds. Blending the online activities at a distance and reinforcing relationships make learning more sacred.

On Wednesday morning, President Bob Lally, CTU Chair of Homeland Security, outlined new changes planned for future Symposia at CTU. The goals sound exciting to increase interaction within the programs face to face. Being able to meet more Doctorate of Management students is appealing to me, especially those who are in the Emerging Media track. The fact that the meetings will stay in the Springs and be held in the Cheyenne Mountain Resort is really exciting. The NUTN2010 Leadership Summit was held at the Resort and I will never forget eating s'mores by the outdoor fire pit with my co-presenters, Anne Keehn and Mark Resmer who passed in 2011.

CTU Symposium Workshop Google Doc Product
CTU Fall 2012 Workshop Google Doc
One of the best things about getting together with my cohort and the faculty is the inspiration that results. The diversity of the students is remarkable and they are all in occupations where they are trying to make a difference by directly applying what they learn in their academic programs. The cross pollination that occurs from interacting with adult, lifelong learners makes the experience invaluable. Dr. Calongne shared the last, all day workshop that discussed topics related to emerging media and technologies and how to get our writing done well. Her passion is infectious and her organic collaboration resulted in a co-created Google Doc that represents a time capsule of our current thinking. The content of the Google Doc can be found at Dr. Calongne's blog site. Enjoy!