Sunday, February 13, 2011

Questioning Socio-Technical Innovation

The Web 2.0 program I submit for consideration to use in promoting socio-technical innovation is Quora. It is described as an online knowledge market. Quora was publicly released in June 2010 and created by the former CTO of Facebook.

Essentially, it is a platform for subscribing to questions you or others ask. Quora also allows users to vote up and down answers enabling greater veracity of content. It appears to be similar to Wikipedia to submit and edit content in the context of answers rather than information.

When I created an account on Quora the software pulled in my associations from Twitter and Facebook. From that information, topics were suggested allowing me to subscribe to question areas that are of most interest to me.

I like how Quora uses the power of social networking to amplify questions and prognostications about the future using Affinity Theory of whom I trust.

As in all social networking programs, the benefit of use resides in the quality of engagement with others you are willing to open yourself up to in the free exchange of ideas.

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