Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lessons from Steve Jobs' TED Video

The tributes from around the world are moving for Steve Jobs and I add my condolences to his family and those inspired to think differently.

The irony of how Steve Jobs did not finish college is apparent to me in how much I wish to have Steve' perspective on my dissertation as it applies to the value of informal learning using new media.

The networked seminar for new media has enabled me to engage deeply with colleagues and acquaintances through a combination of the Internet, Second Life, bold leadership, and faithful facilitation. I wonder what Steve Jobs would contribute to our voluntary discussion that is a blend of formal and informal learning.

The lesson for me is clear. The more learned, the more understood how little is known whether from informal or formal means. Do what you love, includes learn what leads you. Awe transforms my life when learning occurs on terms of personal engagement. I take Steve's advice, along with others like Randy Pausch, to relish the journey of discovery, especially with those who are also "all in." Live and learn well.

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