Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cross Cultural Traditions, Graduation and Engagement

 Anyone who spends time in Second Life soon learns the importance of dance. Sharing elegant dances cements memories and creates deeper bonds with the people behind the avatars. When I dance in harmony through synchronized scripts, it feels like personal ballet in my head. These dances often do not occur in dance clubs, rather they are embedded in events as part of designed experiences. Sometimes dancing is a spontaneous response during breaks in conference presentations where a leader sets the tone.  

Today, the United States Department of Education posted on its blog a story called "Endless Possibility" about the success of Navajo Technical College where there is an 85% graduation rate. The curriculum sounds impressive. Clearly some things are working to retain students. Secretary Arne Duncan is shown in the video below learning about the students and curriculum, but what impresses me most is the incorporation of the dance. How nice it would be if in our graduation ceremonies our families could join in and march during the pomp and circumstance after the ceremony.

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